Clutch Go Kart 41 chain 13 Tooth 3/4 shaft

Go Kart Clutch #41 Chain 13 Tooth [4309]

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This is a go kart clutch that fits a 3/4" shaft and uses a #41 size chain. The sprocket on the clutch is a 13 tooth. This is a larger sprocket than most karts come with so it will increase your top end speed if you have a smaller sprocket currently. For example if you have a 10 tooth sprocket now and your top speed is 40mph this 13 tooth sprocket would give you a 10 mph top speed gain! You will lose bottom end power and gain top speed. 


This clutch is commonly used on many 6.5hp go karts, Drift 2, Scooter-X Sport Kart, mini choppers, mmini bikes, min buggies, and much more.