Exhaust X-Pipe

Exhaust X-Pipe

The X-pipe is a tuned exhaust that drastically improves your top end and over all performance. You will see huge power gains and 5-7 mph more top speed.  *** THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED AND HAS BEEN REPLACED WITH THE EXHAUST TORQUE BOX***

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$130.00 tax incl.


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This pipe can bolt on to any 36cc-52cc Huasheng engine with the engine on the left side of the scooter with the exhuast facing the rear end of the scooter.

The X-Pipe also fits the following Scooter-X models:

Dirt Dog


SkaterX (FOR PROFESSIONALS ONLY!! must make your own bracket to mount)

In this video we show you the huge difference adding our X-Pipe will make to your scooter or go kart. Depending on your weight and riding condition the pipe can add up to 7mph! This is the single biggest upgrade you can do to your scooter or go kart!!