sprocket cnc 8mm 39 tooth

CNC Billet Aluminum Sprocket 8mm 39 tooth

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This Sprocket will fit the Scooter-X Dirt Dog, X-Racer, and SkaterX. This sprocket will also fit any scooter with the same bolt pattern and chain size. This is a great way to boost your top speed. This sprocket will make our 3 Scooter-X models 5+ MPH faster than stock. Speed of different models may vary depending on how they are currently geared.


Smaller rear sprocket = more top speed, less torque


- Made from 6061 aluminum

- 39 tooth

- ads 5+MPH on ScooterX models


Requires a 39 link 8mm chain. You can shorten your stock chain but will need a masterlink.