Gear box 25h 6 tooth

6 Tooth Gear Box for a 25h chain

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This is a gear box for a mta1 or mta2 pocket bike. This comes complete and ready to bolt on. Comes with bell housing, main housing, and 6 tooth sprocket for a 25h chain. 47cc -49cc mini pocket bikes. Mounting holes are 2 ¾” (72mm) center to center. Bell Housing I.D. 3 1/16” (77.5mm)

Fits the following ScooterX models
2012 Power Kart
Stock Gearing 7 tooth
2012 Baja
Stock Gearing 6 tooth
Information about changing gearing.
If you want more top speed you want to increase your gear box sprocket size. This will lower the amount of torque you have but increase the top speed. If you want more power and less top speed then go with a smaller sprocket for the gear box. For example if you have a 7 tooth gear and your top speed is 30mph, you change your gear to a 6 tooth and your top speed will be about 27mph but you will gain power!