500 watt Dirt Dog

500 watt Dirt Dog

This model is currently not in production and we do not know if we are bringing it back at this time. 

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The all new ScooterX Electric Dirt Dog, Born summer of 2010! We are proud to say that the Dirt Dog was designed in house by the ScooterX staff. The Dirt Dog is our best selling model we offer, It outsells our other models 3 to 1! The E Dirt Dog comes stock with our CNC billet aluminum deck, aggressive off road tires, and dirt style handle bars.

The 500 watt Electric Dirt Dog comes standard with the following listed features.
Off road Style Handle bars These bars are adjustable front to back, and up and down. The clamp slides up and down on the bar shaft to adjust height of bars.
500 watt Electric motor This is a very powerful 500 watt electric motor that will pull up to 200 pounds no problem. (250 lbs max)
Top Speed 16-20mph Speed varies depending on rider weight and road conditions. 20mph is with a 50lbs or less rider.
Rear Foot Pegs Great for riding doubles or doing tricks!
10 x 3.5 inch off road tires These tires can be used off road or on pavement.
Front and rear Disc Brakes Disc brakes are much safer than drum or band brakes(commonly used on Chinese scooters) because they work much better.
Detachable seat Meaning you can ride with or without the seat. Its 100% removable if you want to stand up.
Twist throttle This comes standard on all of our scooters. We find the twist throttles are longer lasting than trigger throttles due to triggers always breaking.
Billet Aluminum CNC Deck Also standard on the E Dirt Dog is the CNC aluminum deck. Superior to wood for obvious reasons.
Centrifugal Clutch This is an automatic clutch