FAQ's for 2 stroke models....Dirt Dog, SkaterX, Baja, Powerkart


Before reading our FAQ section please be sure to read your entire manual. The FAQ's are subjects that have not been already covered in the manual. 


Q - My Scooter or go kart starts but bogs down when I give it full throttle. 

Another symptom of same issue = scooter will only drive 1-5mph

A - This can be a couple things. 1st make sure that your choke lever is not on. (in the up position). If you put your choke down and the engine is still bogging down and maybe dying then your carburetor is bad. This can happen when the engine is brand new because al the engines get tested before they ship to the USA. The little bit of gas left over in the carb sometimes dries up before it gets to the consumer. When this happens it makes the carburetor act this way. The fix is to call us and get a new carburetor under warranty. 


FAQ's for 4 stroke models ....Sport Kart, Drift Trike


Q - Vehichle takes off on its own when started.

A - 2 possible solutions. 1 your idle is to high. You can turn your idle down by turning idle screw counter clockwise. If turning idle down does not solve the problem then your clutch spring is likely broken and the clutch needs replaced.