We do not currently have a copy of the manual available online but I will be posting up answers to the most commonly asked questions.


#1 how do I hook up the kill switch? 1st you need to locate the yellow wires that are back by the on off switch on the engine. There is one yellow wire that comes out of a gold box and goes into the engine. These 2 yellow wires need to be pulled apart and left disconnected.


Next install the kill switch into your handle bars and run the wires under the seat. Use zip ties to secure the wires to the throttle and brake cables and frame of go kart. Next you need to connect the 2 wires from the kill switch to your engine. The black wire is a ground that connect to the nut just above the on off switch. The other wire from the kill switch connects into the 3 wires coming off the on off switch. You may need to splice and reconnect this wires with electrical tape or a new connector. Thats it, you are done connecting the kill switch.


#2 What kind of gas does the sport kart take? Regular unleaded fuel, 89-91 octane is good.


#3 What kind of oil does it take? 10w 30 is recommended. Fill until dip stick shows full.


#4 My brakes are not working. How do I bleed the brakes? So the first thing you need to do it to remove the cap from the brake reservoir. This is the square piece on the brake lever that has a clear site window in it. The cap has 2 Phillips head bolts. Once you have loosened the bolts you need to remove the lever and reservoir from the handle bars and hold it level so you can fill the reservoir with DOT 3 brake fluid. Once full put the cap back on the reservoir. Next you need to crack the bleeder valve on the brake caliper itself. This is a small nut on the caliper with a nipple on it that releases the fluid. You want to loosen it until you see fluid coming out. Let fluid drain until you see no air bubbles. Once its solid fluid tighten the bolt.

Check your brakes at this point. If you still dont have brakes you can pump the handle 4-5 times and hold it in, while holding it in crack valve and bleed again.  You must tighten the valve back down before releasing the handle or you will suck air back into the system. The point of bleeding your brakes is to remove air from the system. If you run out of fluid at anytime you will need to bleed trakes again. You want to keep an eye on the reservoir during this process to make sure it doesnt run  fluid.