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Drift Trike manual Cover Page
Next you can install the front tire. Slide the axle through the forks, put spacers on axle. The spacers can only go one way, if you put the wrong spacer on the wrong side the wheel will not align with the brake. Next put the locator washers on the outside of the forks and put locator pin inside hole in forks. Then tighten the nuts down to complete wheel assembly.
  Next you need to attach your seat. There are 4 bolts that will be in your tool kit bag to attach seat. Simmply line up the seat and bolt it on.
 After all your wheel tires and seat are installed please check cable for slack. If there is slack in any of them please remove the slack before riding. You can remove slack by adjustments on throttle and brake levers.
 You can then zip tie your wires to the frame so they are secure, make sure you can steer all the way left and right without cable stopping you. If the cable stops the steering wheel you have zip the wires to tight.
 Next fill engine with 10w30 engine oil until dip stick says full. This vehicle takes regular unleaded fuel.
 Turn your gas on and choke on to start it and let engine run for 30-60 seconds to warm up. Once its warm turn the choke off and have fun! Make sure you have your safety gear on before riding!